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Privacy Policy

[Insert corporate copypasta here about taking your privacy seriously, but not seriously enough to hold such a stance until GDPR was passed.]

This Privacy Policy pertains to the information collected from users of the Pizz aGame Website, (hereafter Super Cool Website), and details the nature, storage, and usage of this information, as well as your rights. Your continued use of this website indicates your understanding and acceptance of this information.

Data We Collect

Super Cool WEbsite uses Cloudflare as reverse proxy for protection against DDOS attacks and bullies. Cloudflare may collect non-personal identify data about users accessing Super Cool Website in order to security purposes. Read Cloudflare's privacy policy for more detail about information collected and how it is handle.

Similarly, Super Cool Website server may logs information such as IP address and user agent data as part of raw access logs, in order to block malicious users and debug issues on the site.


In order for to submit a bug report, you must send datas over an embedded form powered by Cognito Forms. The ifnormation you are required to send to submit a report is a name (username/alias/whatever), the version of the gam u were playing and your descirption of the bug problem. You can also optionaly include a screenshot or webm video of the problem. Make sure you do not include any perosnaly identifying informations in your image or video, for example do not send a picture of your social security number. The form also collects submitter IP addres and user agent info (aka your browser). See Cognito Forms Privacy Policy for more info.


Cookies on all pages

Cookie What do Expires
cookieconsent_status Remembers if u dismissed cookie message. 1 year
_cfduid Help Cloudflare block bad ppls 30 days
pagekit_session I genuinely dont know what this one does Session

Cookies on Bug Report page

The bug reports page uses an embedded form from Cognito Forms.

Cookie What do Expires
c-referrer Probably used for spam detection idk 90 days

Changes to This Policy

This Privacy Policy may undergo minor updates at any time without notice, at the site owners' sole discretion. For example we might change the text to be purple just for fun. Your continued use of Super Cool Website constitutes your acceptance of these terms.


Super Cool Website is managed by Plasterbrain. You can reach out to us at