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About the Game

Q. What is Pizza Game?

A. Pizza Game is an otome game only everything is spelled wrong and bad on purpose. It's like John Cena's Sexy High School Adventure, only better graphics. *EDIT: My publisher has advised me that it ctually has worse graphics.

Q. Oh so it's like a meme

A. Um, no, it is a work of art with a sense of humor sure to stand the test of time! (smash cut to a trash can full of copies of Pizza Game)

Q. Who is responsible for this?

A. Pizza Game is mostly a solo effort by me, Plasterbrain, with artwork by my brother, JelloApocalypse! Those are our names!

Q. What are the min specs for running Pizza Game?

A. You will need at least Windows XP, Mac OS X 10.6, or Ubuntu 12.04, plus 2 GB of RAM and 2.0 GHz CPU. You probably already have most of those things.

Q. What's an otome game? Is it like a game show?

A. Hi Grandpa! After the war, the Japanese invented a kind of video game called a visual novel, which is basically a novel where the text appears on screen accompanied by sounds and usually visual elements, like pictures of the characters, backgrounds, and animations. Sometimes these are simply meant to be read (kinetic novels), but sometimes visual novels allow the player to solve puzzles and make dialogue choices which affect character relationships and change the events in the story! Obviously(!) this led to the advent of dating sims, or dating games, in which the player tries to make certain decisions in order to build relationships with one or more love interest characters. Otome games ("maiden" games) feature a female protagonist pursuing male love interests. They're perfect for people who are lonely or have a crippling mental illness that keeps them from forming romantic attachments to non-fictional characters.

Game Accessibility Information

Q. Hello I am a pile of bones attached to a keyboard and I want to know if Pizza Game is accessible for me, yours truly?

A. If my full moon ritual was a success, Pizza Game should be accessible for non-sighted and hard-of-hearing players, as well as players who require exclusive use of a keyboard to navigate. Ren'Py, the engine used to build Pizza Game, has a text-to-speech and text-to-clipboard feature, so that you can listen to the story without having to read it. The full extent of my Big Attempts™ to make Pizza Game accessible are documented in the manual. You should definitely try out the demo though to see if the game works for you.

UNFRUITUNATELY players with cognitive impairments will probably have a difficult time with this game due to the abundance of intentional grammar and spelling errors.

Q. Hello I am a pile of bones attached to a photo of my wholesome christian family; is Pizza Game appropriate for my children?

A. Pizza Game features crude humor and language and typos which will likely damage the English development of readers 12 and younger.

Q. Can I eat Pizza Game?

A. No please purchase the collectors edition for that feature.

Q. Is there DLC?

A. There may be some DLC routes in the Futura PT. But there also might NOT be! Wow! (Pizza Game also doubles as a mystery game)

Q. I found a bug in your HORRIBLE video game! Grrr.

A. Please report any pizza bugs you find using our bug report form, it is here it is. However, I will ask you to moderate your langaguage from now on, as we don't use words like "horrible" and "video game" in this household, THANKS.

Q. Can I sell Pizza Game fanart or use footage of Pizza Game in a moneytized video?

A. See the section in the manual on appropriate usage of Pizza Game assets and IP.

Q. Who voices Roobit in the trailer?

A. It's Jad Saxton.

About the Website

Q. What happened to the old website?

A. It's still online, you can find it at!

Q. Why ".party" and not .com?

A. it was on sale. Because pizza agame is fun just like an party!