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Pizza Game Demo Version

Download the Pizza Game demo from a website near you!

Not everyone wants to spend their hard-earned moneydollars on dumb thing like VIDEO GAME. Fortunately, Pizza Game has a demo you, can play to try out and see if you like the pizza. Please stop complain if you dont like my vdieo game, there is a demo right here I s2g.

Pizza Game demo includes the first 2 days, as well as a handful of unlcokerble in-game announcer voices. You'll get to see the tutorial setcion, meat all the characters, and, view differnt scenes depend on your choices. jUST LIKE A TELLTALE!

A screenshot of the Pizza Game demo. Mr. Arimnaes tells Kiane 'You're performence this quarter is SLIPPAGE...'

When your done playing demo pizza game, buy the Pizza Game FULL VERSION! If you didnt like the demo or have a good chuckletime, dont buy the full version, because it doesnt get better from here. It gets worse.

Why buy the full version?