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CV: Kiane "Chula" King

Kiane (pronounced like the pepper) is newest memployee of The Big Microsoffit, which is #1 tech compan y in the entire america. She wants to do her mom a proud, so she is work very hard every day to be the best secretary ever, unfortunately she sucks. However, with her trusty thought bubble Inner Kiane at her side, no task is always too up to the task!

Mr. Arimnaes

CV: Tom "Loves to Laugh" Laflin

As Florordaddle's wealthiest residence, Mr. Arimnaes has a cold hard exterior and is notorious difficult to impress. Could he be a softer type nice guy behind the facade? Kiane is about to find out (or die trying)! His favorite pizza plavor is (alert: boring) pepperonis, so if you are a pepperono, u have a pretty good shot at dating. Contact me for his skype!!


CV: Christopher Gilstrap

Whenever Kiane is having a rough day, Chris is there to offer a cry on his shoulder. At first he seems like a normal nice cafe-owner guy, but Chris reveals he has a deepdark secret that keeps him from open up to anyone. In order to win at the upcoming poetry slam, his secret past may be brought t o light... and so will the dangers it brigns!


CV: Brendan Blaber

Though he cant actual drive, Sensei teaches drivers ed at the Flordaddle Community Center. He has a big passion for learn and a biggger passion for wink. Unfortunatell Sensie is have a hard time focusing on schoolteach with all the planning he has to do for his family reunion this friday. Will he be able to throw the best reunion ever with Kianehelp and reconnection with his estranged brother? Or will a DIFFERENT thing happen? who cares

Warped Lamp

CV: Warped Lamp

The school's coolest gal and also bully, it's no wonder they call Warped Lamp the Master of Twisted (only Warped Lamp calls Warped Lamp that). During her time on the basketball and in the legal courtroom, Lapmp has picke dup a lot of local knowledge, and thinks Kiane is a babby for believing in urban legend like the Seven School Mysteries. In order to save her prides, Kiane is now determined to prove they are true!


CV: Michael Howell

Everyone in Flordaddle loves the local pizza, joint, the Town Pizza. Keenarnor hasbeen running the place smoothlike for years, but after a threatening letter is sent to the police in his name, he'll need Kiane's help for proofing his innocents. Could such a hardwork local businessman really be a killer?? Is his biteter collage rival Baron Von Boo tryign to frameh im? Or could this be the works of someone eles entirely?


CV: Various animal crossing noises

Roobit holds the title of newest, youngest, smallest, and most purple member of Flordaddle's police force. She also holds the title of not being a rabbit, or from space.