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Pizza Game

The World's Premier Shitpost Dating Sim.


A new life...

(Sorry if this plot summary is bad I copy-paste from Wikipe!d)

Kiane is fresh out of college and a little boy-crazy. Luckily for her, she's just moved to Flordaddle, USA to begin her dream job working for her celebrity crush and role model, tech magnate Mr. Arimnaes. Wealthy, suave, and a carbon-based life form, Mr. Arimnaes checks all the boxes. It's up to you help her succeed at her job and her love life, but be careful — something SINISTAR is brewing in the all-American town of Flordaddle.

Take driving classes, co-host a cookign show, hunt down ghosts, and more! There are so much to do in Flordaddle and over twenty characters to meet. It's so much fun that by the time you're done with Pizz aGame, you will want to die

Kiane tells it like it is.

...A new romance!

Over the course of five days, you'll meet, date, and run away from some of Flordaddle's wackiest residents, including an undercover princess, a demon, just an actual literal serial killer, and the guy being framed by the previous!

Will Kiane be able to find a way into their hearts (open heart surgery doesn't count)? Or will she get murdered? Those are the only two options. Find out by playing PIZZA Gmae!

Unlock character profiles in Kiane's scrapbook.

Buy Pizza Game! $9.99

Please help me convince my parents this was worth making

Or download the demo I guess

Runs on Windows Runs on Mac Runs on Ubuntu
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